Friday, September 22, 2017

BJYMC attempts Guinness Record during 15th International Jawa Day

On the occasion of 15th International Jawa Day, members of Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcyle Club attempt to set a Guinness Record. A total of 418 Yezdi brand of bikes and their proud owners participated in a rally around Bangalore on 9th July starting from St Joseph’s Indian High School Grounds to qualify for the ‘Largest Parade of Yezdi Bikes’.
First bike to register for Guinness Record attempt
The 15th International Jawa Day celebrations witnessed large participation from both the young and old and saw a total of over 550 bikes across both the Jawa, CZ and Yezdi brands. These brands have been out of production since 1996 after the Ideal Jawa factory shut shop in Mysore.

To comply with the rules of Guinness, all 418 participating Yezdi bikes were strictly scrutinized, photographed and numbered by marshals. All eligible participants went on a 5 km parade around Kanteerva Stadium and Chinnaswamy Stadium to qualify for the record. The entire event was covered live to adhere to the rules.

Once the riders assembled back at the venue, a formal function was held to recognize all the senior riders from yesteryears along with mechanics and members of various clubs. This year, riders from Mangalore, Mysore, Mumbai, Pune, Nagercoil and various parts of Kerala rode all the way to Bangalore to participate in the Guinness attempt. Sharing some media coverage carried in Deccan Herald and Economic Times post the event.

Back in 2015, BJYMC entered the Limca Book of Records for the ‘Largest Gathering of out-of-production Jawa Yezdi bikes in India’ with over 537 Jawa and Yezdi Bikes.

Monday, August 21, 2017

BJYMC participates in the #BoschCleanAndShineDay Cochin

A couple of weeks back, BJYMC was invited to be part of the #BoschCleanAndShineDay in Cochin at Hotel Ramada. Two members of the club went all the way to attend this event along with couple of other prominent biking clubs.

It was a rainy morning but once the event started, the sun too started to shine. BJYMC was represented by senior rider Amit Dutta and Amrit Appaiah.

Bosch Power Tools unveiled a new high pressure washer range for efficient
cleaning - Universal and Advanced Aquatak series

Below are the new range of High Pressure Washers (HPW) from Bosch that was showcased to the participants:
Universal aquatak 120
Universal aquatak 125
Universal aquatak 130
Universal aquatak 135
Advanced aquatak 150
Advanced aquatak 160

This unveiling was done with representatives from both Bangalore and Cochin.
Along with BJYMC, members of Naked Wolves and Hops on Girls were present to experience the new products. All the participants were able to personally experience the cleaning power of the high pressure washer range on both cars and bikes.

These power washers are the best in the market today with no second say about these. The ease with which these power washers clean dirt on automobiles are really captivating and reduces manual intervention while cleaning.

Representatives from Bosch were present at the event to guide through the advantages of this new range. They were also very excited to answer all the queries raised by the participants during the event.
(L-R) Amrit Appiah (BJYMC), Pratima Hebbar (Hop on Girls), Amit Dutta (BJYMC)

Overall, the day was well spent with like minded individuals along with great insights about the Bosch high pressure washer range. We look forward to more such exciting interactions in the future.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Good old Jawa memories

Guest Post
Author: Richard Route

My first memories of a Jawa was when I was around 12, I used to hang around a friend's garage who used to specialize in repairing Jawas mainly. I was fortunate to own my first Jawa bike when I was 15. It was a restoration job, picked it in a junk condition for a few hundred rupees and brought it back to life.
Back in the day, there were only Indian bikes. Jawa, Yezdi, Bullet and Rajdoot where the prominent ones and getting the maximum power out of them was a preoccupation of all bikers. From fine tuning, changing the front chain sprocket to increasing compression, modifications to the mufflers to get the best beats, modifications to make it look different, we have tried it all.
Richard Route with his modified Yezdi
We also used to do a lot of cross country riding and never had any problem with the bikes. The Jawa is built strong and never gives up. We did stunts, jumps, wheelies and skidding. The Jawa was an all rounder. I remember extended the swing arm and fitting an 18 inch wheel on the rear and lifted the rear end just to give the bike a racy look.

I now live in Perth, Australia and own a Kawasaki ZZR 1200 which is awesome but the excitement of riding my Jawa / Yezdi is more memorable to me.
Richard's Kawasaki ZZR 1200 in Australia
I keenly follow the BJYMC Facebook page and feel nostalgic. Can imagine the sound and feel of the bikes when you all gather for the Jawa Day celebrations. What an awesome feeling that must be. I look forward to being a part of this year's International Jawa Day celebrations (9th of July 2017) thru all your photos and videos.

All the best guys, keep riding and stay safe.

A Jawa Fan,
Richard Route