Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello All,

Here is a small request from Shree Public Charitable Trust (SPCT),

Dear Vintage Lovers !
Shree Public Charitable Trust (SPCT) congratulates you all for Restoring Vintage bikes which are a rare sight to see. All gals in Bangalore, who are longing to see rugged boys and men on Jawa and Yezdi bikes, had almost lost hope until they heard that the 8th International Jawa Day carnival was announced at a Press Conference by the Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club !
Well, as per a news report, there are rumors that Jawa men and boys are thinking differently this season! guess what, They intelligently wanna nurture something that is going to have vintage value in the coming years !!!! Any guesses.....
Clue 1 - They wanna nurture Homes for many...
Clue 2 - Many what? -- its many beauties...
Clarification- No they are not hosting any reality show with the models ;)
Clue 3 - They are also the homes for many melodious voices
Last and final clue - They wanna build homes that have beautiful and natural murals, that have a fresh and yummy kitchen for the beauties that have become a rare sight now.
Ok fine.. SPCT knows you can't wait any longer.
Cheers to all those who guessed right and For all those who attempted poor guesses - Well if its the right time to make constructive rumors a reality, the Jawa Bikers can join SPCT in nurturing nature with trees this season. the beauties are the parakeets, minas, bulbuls, sparrows, and the melody queen koel, intelligent owls, bats, the active squirrels, HMMMMMMM the Hummming bees too. SPCT apologises if it has missed mentioning the name of any member of the TREE FAMILY :) :) :)
Yes, SPCT invites all Jawa club members , bikers and enthusiasts to extend the VINTAGE FAMILY from BIKES TO TREES.
Nurture Nature, Preserve Nature, as to nurture and preserve has been your nature.
Just like you have restored the bikes for the generation , you may take a small step forward to restore all the members of the TREE FAMILY in Bangalore. To own a tree call - 9341259083 or email - reachus@wipeatearremoveapain.org

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Register for the 8th International Jawa Day

With just about a week left for the 11th July Jawa Day, we are gearing up to make sure we put up a better show this time. Last yr we could not handle the crowd (can't blame them either) as they got over excited. Our voices were muffled by the loud dub dubs of the 350 odd bikes present at the open air venue.

This time we are going to be prepared and hopefully our PA system will be louder than our bikes. We have also planned a small program to honor our elders and mechanics who have helped us keep these beautiful beasts alive and running for a fraction of the price. I still remember spending about 300 - 400 Rs on one major service and my bike would run for a whole year without any problems.

We have also ordered for limited quantities of special Jawa Day T-shirts (dark green color) which will be ready a couple of days before the event. Those interested in buying them, pls write to Lokesh on mail2lokeshjm@yahoo.co.in or Amrit on amrit.appaiah@gmail.com or post a comment here. Here is a simple layout of how it might look.

We also request you to give your registrations either before or at the venue. The cost of registration per bike is Rs 50.

C u all next week and keep a look out for newspaper coverages promoting this event.


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