Monday, June 15, 2009

Ride to Kanwa Reservior

Its been a while since we've updated this blog but going forward you will get regular updates on the rides and events happening at the club.

Had been a while since the biker boys met and rode together so a ride to the not so popular Kanwa Reservoir was planned on one misty sunday morning during the last week of May.
As usual, we all assembled at the Rajarajeshwari Arch at 6.30am and after a short chat and exchange of greetings about 30 bikes headed out on Mysore rd towards Channapatna. After about an hour of continuous riding we reached Kamat Lokaruchi restaurant but didn't stop there. We wanted to reach our destination first so continued beyond for another 3 kms till we reached the arch on the right side which said Ramanjenaya Temple which is quite popular among the locals.

There is a small lane beside this arch which is a dirt road and after about 8kms of dirt riding we reached the scenic yet peaceful reservoir. There is some construction work underway hence we had to go beyond and take the back side rd to get on top of the reservoir. We soon gathered all our bikes and parked in order for our traditional photoshoot. Unfortunately, my bike had a small puncture and the rough terrain had taken its toll on the rear tyre which was completely flat by the time we reached this lake.
After all the bikers had gathered, some with their family members including small children, we had a round of photoshoot and brief discussion about the upcoming Annual International Jawa Yezdi Day celebrations. One enthuiastic oldtimer came prepared with notes on how to form the club formally with a lot of do's and don'ts which he share with all of us. We all went around appreciating some rare beauties and exchanged notes on spares and cues on modifiyin the latter models.
By 10.30 our tummies began to grumble and it was time to head back for breakfast but i on the otherhand had a task to complete before i could think of food. So with the help of a few bikers i quickly dismanteled the rear tyre and we were on our way back to the highway to get my tyre fixed. Within minutes we were back at Kamat Lokaruchi for a sumptious breakfast and exchanging notes on our bikes. With fully bellies we were read to head back and Amrit on his Yezdi Monach was kind enough to take me back to the resorvior to fix my bike.

Soon we were back on the road towards Bangalore with the sun god being kind to us and providing shade all thru. Guess we all reached the city by 1 pm and parted our respective ways with memories of yet another successful ride on our good old classic beauties.
Those of you who were part of this ride, do share your comments and hope to see you all for the next ride in June.

For the Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcycle Club