Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jawa In India - The Evolution


JAWA is a motorcycle manufacturer in the Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia. It was named after its founder Janeček bought the motorcycle production of Wanderer in 1929. The name JAWA came from the first two letters of Janecek and Wanderer. The company is still active today. JAWA is pronounced (roughly) "Yah-va".

The largest project of production under license was realized in India. Initially JAWA motor cycles were just exported to the country agents at Delhi was the Baghwandas firm, in Bombay the Irani company. In the mid-fifties motor cycle imports were prohibited by the Government of India, however the assembly of foreign machines by domestic engineering establishments was permitted. A former agent Rustom Irani decided to establish his own motor cycle production under license and following a market research chose JAWA. He knew no doubt what he was embarking upon and what he could expect from JAWA. He had, namely, in September 1951 organized a publicity trip of two policemen with JAWA motor cycles to Czechoslovakia and the feat was repeated by three Indians in 1955.
And so at Mysore had grown up a new JAWA motor cycle assembly plant - involved were two-fifties and the Pioneer ultra-lightweights. It was on March 5, 1961, that the first motor cycle left the gate of the Ideal JAWA Mysore Company’s plant. Since then they were sold under the marquee Yezdi, which is a transcription of the Czech language term "jezdi" meaning "going or running".
Historically Jawa has been very active in racing, and by far the most active East-European manufacturers in mechanical sports. In track racing Jawa sustained a presence in the World Championship until the mid-sixties with respectable performances considering their limited budget. In Motocross Jawa made an impressive name before its 4-stroke engines became superseded by 2-stroke engines.


Yezdi was the brand under which Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd, an Indian motorcycle company based in Mysore, sold licensed Jawa and CZ motorcycles beginning in 1960. The catch phrase for the bikes sold by the firm was "Forever bike forever value".


There have been many models of this brand before the company shut its doors in 1996. Their various models included :

Jawa 250 Type 353 called 'A' Type
Jawa 50 Jet 'A' Series known as Pionyr in Czechoslavakia
Yezdi 60 Jet 'B' Series
Yezdi 250 'B' Type
Yezdi 250 Oilking (CB Points and Oil Pump) 'C' Type
Yezdi 250 Roadking (CB Points) 'C' Type
Yezdi D250 Classic
Yezdi 250 CL II
Yezdi B250 Deluxe
Yezdi 250 Deluxe 'C' Type
Yezdi 250 Roadking (CDI) 'C' Type
Yezdi 60 Colt
Yezdi 60 Colt Deluxe
Yezdi 175 (CB Points)
Yezdi 175 Deluxe (CDI)
Jawa / Yezdi 350 Twin Type 634
Yezdi 250 Monarch
Yezdi 250 Supersprint (Never Released)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

6th International Jawa Yezdi Biker Meet concluded

The reason this blog is up here today is cos of this amazing event which happened on the 13th of July in Bangalore.

Since i own one of them rare Jawa's in the city, i got to be a part of this recently concluded bikers meet in Bangalore.. Actually, i did help organise the event too :o) and needless to say it was a huge success.

We started plannin for this meet and a ride to Channapatna Town (Coffee Day) a month before the event date (on the 13th of July) to commemorate the 6th International Jawa Yezdi Biker's Day. So the 4-5 of us met up a few times, exchange of mails took place, poster n t-shirt designs were finalized and we were ready to go. Expecting about 30 - 40 bikes to participate in this rally, we were stunned to see a turnout of over 120 bikes at Cubbon Park on the 13th morning. It was utter chaos as we ran out of parking space for these bikes and people trying to click snaps and checking out their competition. The media were there too tryin to get bites from riders and us the organizers.

However, the star attractions for the day were a 79 yr old lady Maya Krishnamurthy riding her 64 model Jawa and a unique bike called the C-Zeta which was a special test model manufactured at the Ideal Jawa factory in Mysore. Only 3 of them were manufactured and we got to see one of them.

Muliple National Rally Champion Jagat Nanjappa flagged off the rally at 8.15am post which the bikers in a convoy went around the city before heading out towards Mysore rd on the Sirsi Circle flyover. We had another brief stopover outside the city for some more media interactions and photo sessions before continuing towards Channapatna on Mysore rd.

The whole distance of (150kms) 75kms towards and 75kms back was truly amazing with the entire stretch packed with these old beauties and the unique thud thud sound these bikes generate. Some cops en route stopped us to find out what the whole commotion was about.

More pics are available at these links b64f/sharing.html?dirembed=true

The group's website will be up shortly, until then pls visit the orkut community -


Monday, July 21, 2008

Making a Start....

Welcome to our own Jawa Yezdi Fan Club, India.

So, who are we? we are fans of the forever bike - Jawa/Yezdi in India. Based out of IT capital - Bengaluru, our endeavor is to bring together fans of this great bike on to a common forum, help new comers who love this bike and want to live their dreams on an Jawa/Yezdi.

Having made this start, in the coming days we will update this site by filling you on what a Jawa / Yezdi bike/r is all about, what are the activities planned, etc.,

Stay put..